Dr. Leake Successfully Completes First TCAR Procedure in Central VA

Vascular Surgery Associates is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew (Drew) Leake has successfully completed the first TCAR procedure in Central Virginia.  TCAR refers to Trans-Carotid Artery Revascularization.  It represents an advancement in surgical care for patients with carotid artery disease.  

What the procedure entails
  • •  A small incision is made just above the collar bone to expose the carotid artery
  • •  A soft, flexible IV is placed directly into the artery
  • •  The tube is connected to a system that temporarily reverses the flow of blood away from the brain,  protecting against fragments of plaque that may come loose during the procedure
  • •  The blood is filtered and returned through a IV placed in the femoral vein of the patient’s thigh
  • •  A carotid stent is implanted to help keep the carotid artery open, reducing the risk of strokes
  • •  The flow reversal system is turned off and blood flow resumes in its normal direction

Why the procedure is beneficial
  • •  Reduced risk of stroke during the procedure - A potential complication of conventional treatment, eg carotid endarterectomy and stenting, is a stroke occurring during the procedure itself.  The TCAR procedure is designed to reduce the risk of stroke using its innovative blood flow reversal system.
  • •  Smaller incision – The TCAR procedure is performed through a smaller incision than typical carotid endarterectomy procedures.  Hence, it is minimally invasive, resulting in a shorter procedure, shorter hospitalization and recovery times.

Dr. Leake performed the first TCAR procedure in Central Virginia at Henrico Doctors Hospital last month.  
Dr. Leake joined Vascular Surgery Associates in 2017, following completion of his vascular surgery fellowship at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  He is board-certified and works at Vascular Surgery Associates West End and Hanover offices.Back to News