VSA Stepping Out to Support Diabetes

VSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the American Diabetes Association to raise research funds for the prevention and cure of this challenging disease.  This partnership is especially meaningful for us due to the profound link between diabetes and vascular disease.

The majority of adults with diabetes die from vascular disease.  In fact, diabetics are 2-4 times more likely to die from vascular disease than adults without it.  Most common complications include kidney failure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and loss of limb (amputation).

Through this partnership, we will have office events to provide staff and patient education about the role of diet in diabetes prevention and management, as well as to participate in the upcoming Step Out Walk and other fundraising activities.  We successfully raised  $5,000 in 2018, our inaugural year in the partnership.  We are actively striving to meet or exceed that goal in 2019.

Please consider joining us in support of the diabetes association!  The simplest way to help is to donate on-line:

  • Go to diabetes.org/rvawalk
  • Choose the Donate button
  • Search for a team – Vascular Surgery Associates
  • Follow through in completing your donation

If you are interested, we are also selling VSA logo hats and diabetes awareness pins.  In addition, you are welcome to 'step out' with our team on October 12th to lend visibility to the cause!

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