VSA Successfully Completes First TCAR Procedure at Bon Secours Richmond

Vascular Surgery Associates (VSA) is pleased to announce that our physicians recently performed the very first Transcarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR) procedures for Bon Secours Richmond! This procedure represents an advancement in surgical care for patients with carotid artery disease. TCAR is shown to reduce the risk of stroke and is minimally invasive, thereby lessening hospitalization and recovery times.

The TCAR procedure is performed through a small incision at the neckline just above the clavicle. The surgeon then places a tube directly into the carotid artery and connects it to the neuro-protection system (NPS) that directs blood flow away from the brain, to protect against plaque that may come loose reaching the brain.

VSA surgeons have advanced formal training in and are board-certified in vascular surgery, which makes us uniquely qualified to understand the causes and natural history of arterial and venous diseases. We are so excited to bring this new procedure to Bon Secours Richmond and are honored to help even more patients with carotid artery disease!

Image 1: First TCAR procedure at Memorial Regional Medical Center, Mechanicsville, Virginia

Image 2: First TCAR procedure at St. Mary’s Hospital, Richmond, VirginiaBack to News