At VSA, our physicians have a deeply rooted commitment to our patients, staff and community. The coronavirus has profoundly changed our community. Never before in our lives has there been so much at stake. Like you, there is nothing more we want than to get back to better times. So much of the science around coronavirus is still emerging, but there are a few guidelines we should abide by that are abundantly clear.

Wear a mask.

  • Wear a mask wherever you go. Insist that your family and loved ones do the same.
  • You are at more risk of contracting the severe form of the virus as an older adult, a person of color, a dialysis patient, or someone with diabetes, heart disease or asthma.
  • Avoid crowds and large gatherings.
  • Do not delay essential health care. You could experience more serious complications.
We are open for business, and we are caring for coronavirus patients in the hospital every day who are experiencing vascular complications from this brutal disease. We don’t want that to be you. We must come together as a community and fiercely abide by a few basic principles to get past this crisis. Our physicians and staff get up every day and wear their masks from the time they leave their homes until they return. We urge you to do the same.
We care about you. We care about our community. Together we can overcome this pandemic and get back to better times.
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