Why is physical therapy needed?

We recommend that you receive physical therapy before and after receiving your prosthesis. This allows the therapist to provide much-needed pre-prosthetic strengthening and post-prosthetic gait (walking) training. This helps prevent [...]

Why is physical therapy needed?2021-06-16T16:48:25+00:00

How many prostheses will I get?

Generally, you will get two prosthetic devices within the first year of your amputation. The first prosthesis is called a preparatory prosthesis and is usually worn for about three to [...]

How many prostheses will I get?2021-06-16T16:47:51+00:00

How is my prosthesis made?

Your prosthesis is made up of many different components selected specifically for you and your lifestyle. The prosthetist begins by taking a series of measurements and a cast of your [...]

How is my prosthesis made?2021-06-16T16:47:34+00:00

How much will my prosthesis cost?

Your prosthesis is custom-designed to meet your specific needs using advanced and expensive materials and components. Insurance coverage varies widely, but most private insurance plans and Medicare pay a large [...]

How much will my prosthesis cost?2021-06-16T16:47:04+00:00
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