What is Lower Extremity Arterial Bypass Surgery?

For patients who are not good candidates for angioplasty, or who have already failed a prior angioplasty attempt, lower extremity bypass surgery is a well-established and highly effective procedure.

When a patient’s arterial blockage is too severe to be effectively treated by less-invasive vascular treatments, your doctor may recommend an arterial bypass. Blockages of the arteries in the legs lead to many problems such as varicose veins, spider veins, and stasis ulcers. Bypassing blockages of the lower arteries restores regular blood flow to the femoral arteries and will help resolve many vein health problems.

Lower arterial bypass surgery is a major surgical operation, and will only be performed after thoroughly reviewing the patient’s medical history.

How Effective is Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery?

Arterial bypass surgery is a well-established, proven, and reliable vascular treatment. Immediate improvement of blood flow is noticeable after 90%-95% of operations.


After the surgery, patients will be monitored for a few days in the hospital. The doctor will then evaluate the patient’s condition and approve them for release. The patient will be sent home with specific care instructions for their recovery.

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