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How is a laser procedure different from surgery?

Surgery involves considerable preparation including general anesthesia, the risk of infection, pain in the affected areas, and a lengthy recovery period. The medical laser technology used in Endovenous Laser Treatments [...]

How is a laser procedure different from surgery?2021-08-26T18:11:50+00:00

Does smoking cause varicose veins?

Many scenarios can cause weakened or damaged veins, but smoking and varicose veins go hand in hand. Most think that the lungs are the only internal body part being damaged [...]

Does smoking cause varicose veins?2021-06-16T16:52:41+00:00

What happens after the spider vein treatment?

Recovery periods may differ from treatment to treatment. Following sclerotherapy, support stockings are worn on each treated leg. Exercise is a very important part of the healing process: A 20-minute [...]

What happens after the spider vein treatment?2021-06-16T16:52:21+00:00

Is sclerotherapy painful?

A small gauge needle is used to perform the sclerotherapy injections. Like in other medical procedures using a needle, patients relate the discomfort to an ant bite.

Is sclerotherapy painful?2021-06-16T16:52:05+00:00
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