Thank you to our amazing patients for all the kind words! We are so grateful to have the best patients at Vascular Surgery Associates.

Hanover Office

“Dr. Ambur is a great doctor. He treats you professionally and takes his time to explain everything to you and lets you ask questions. He’s friendly and caring!”

“Dr. Brown was very professional and provided helpful to-the-point information. He did not rush in and out and was clear about treatment steps and how it makes sense to proceed. I like his approach very much.”

“Always a 10, Dr. Tierney is at the top of his game! His procedures for me have been successful, and I have great confidence in his knowledge and ability.”

Midlothian Office

“The new staff provided an excellent service. It was a great experience with no waiting and the staff was very helpful. The technician who did the scan was very knowledgeable, and the feedback from the nurse practitioner was positive and well-detailed.”

“Everything was spotless and everyone followed the rules for COVID 19 safety.  The tests were conducted on time and frankly, the doctor has saved my life 2 times.  He knows his business. Thanks again.”

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